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Reuters: Microsoft's 2013 Breach Hit Bug Repository, Insiders Say

Five anonymous former Microsoft employees tell Reuters that Microsoft's database of internally discovered vulnerabilities was compromised in 2013, but Microsoft will not confirm it occurred. In early 2013, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter all reported being compromised by the same threat group, via a Java exploit on Mac endpoints. virus is a fake search engine, which deteriorates your online search experience. At first sight, it may seem completely legitimate and similar to other search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Notice PingSender.exe on Your OS after FireFox

Telemetry and Big Data is your friend! Yeah. Mozilla is the champion of the little man! Yeah.

Microsoft's anti-malware sniffing service powers Edge to top spot in browser blocking tests

NSS Labs says Windows 10's default browser is better at blocking phishing and socially-engineered malware attacks than Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft's Edge browser, the default in Windows 10, blocked a higher percentage of phishing and socially-engineered malware attacks than Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox, a Texas security testing firm said Friday.

What is pingsender.exe on Windows?

If you monitor the connections your computer makes, you may have noticed that a program called pingsender.exe is making regular connections to the Internet. Depending on the program or service that you use to monitor connections, you may get additional information right away.

LastPass add-on beta prepares for upcoming changes in Firefox

Mozilla has some big changes in store for its next browser release, Firefox 57, on November 14th. It will introduce quite a few new features, including Firefox Quantum , which is twice as fast as Firefox was a year ago and 30 percent more RAM efficient as compared to Google Chrome.

Moatads virus

Moatads virus is a highly annoying application that delivers advertisements by opening them via user's default browser or causing redirects to subdomains such as,, and The described domains can sneakily suggest you to install questionable programs or serve annoying ads without stopping. virus is presented as a useful and legit search engine. However, it is developed by a company that specializes in Mac software distribution and successful installation.

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